Welcome to Karjala - Karjalan Kovin
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Welcome to Karjala

Karjalan Kovin is here again!

This year Karjalan Kovin is a few weeks earlier than previous years. It will be held at Ukonniemi Stadion, Imatra from 28 th through 30 th of July, 2017. We believe that Ukonniemi will be better for the growing competition than Kimpinen.


Ukonniemi stadion was completed in 2015 and offers a huge 60 square meter screen, 2000 seats with cover and better facilities for production and other essentials. Viewers will be please with larger free parkin area and great deal of accommodation with Imatra spa. Stay tuned, more info will follow!

Competitors – Qualifier

Karjalan Kovin season starts on Friday 9 th of June as qualifier event is published at noon. Qualifier is open until 1th of June midnight.


Qualifier is open HERE
Price 10€




Qualifier instructions for Rx HERE
Scorecard (not in English at the moment)


Rx – individuals
Masters 35+
Masters 40+
Masters 50+


Scaled individuals

Competition information

Karjalan kovin is held from 28th through 30th of July. Competition moves from Lappeenranta to Imatra Ukonniemi Stadion.


Ukonniemi stadion, Ottelukatu 11, 55420 Imatra
More information about Ukonniemi


Karjalan Kovin 2017 spectator tickets are for sale! Buy your ticket!
You can also buy ticket+room combination from Imatra Spa.


Imatra Spa – Official partner of 2017


Enjoy the event, workout at Karjalan Kovin gym, relax at spa facilities and enjoy a meal at the bistro. Ukonniemi only 2 kilometers away. Reserve your trip now!


You can also buy a room with tickets, for example:


– 2 day accommodation max 6 person apartment 456€
– 2 day accommodation max 8 person apartment 470€
– 2 day accommodation for 2 persons at a hotel Promenade room 240€ (extra beds 30€/day)
– 1 day accommodation for 2 persons at a hotel promenade room 147€ (extra beds 30€/day, max 5 persons)
– 1 day accommodation for 2 persons at a hotel Chalet suite 220€ (extra beds 30€/day, max 6 persons)


Every price includes room, buffer breakfast, CrossFit gym, spa and regular gym.
Ask for other options! Prices start from 35€/person/day


Tickets for Imatra spa clients:
3 day ticket 25€
1 day ticket 15€


Inquiries and reservations:
Imatran Kylpylä
myyntipalvelu, phone: +358 20 7100 502